The custom-made suit among raw materials

Graphite, the third stable form of carbon on our earth besides diamond and fullerene, is mostly extracted in China, Korea, Canada, Brazil and India, both in surface and deep mining. Its manifold properties – from excellent thermal and electrical conductivity to outstanding lubricating properties, the ability to form intercalation compounds and a superb resistance to oxidation and thermal shock resistance – predestine graphite for the most different applications.

On top, graphite is so to speak the custom-made suit among mineral raw materials, for no other one provides the same flexibility for processing to fit any kind of application. With the required experience and expertise as featured by Dominik Georg Luh TECHNOGRAFIT GmbH, graphite purity, crystallinity, particle size and shape, surface and porosity may be composed to achieve an optimum combination of properties for the relevant application.

This knowledge of graphite and its surroundings is crucial for selecting the most suitable graphite for optimum results in the end product.


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